Claire Woodbury

Russian Iconographer

Real Catholic Artwork, Real Beauty

Hello! My name is Claire. I love to make Russian Icons from scratch! I start with a piece of poplar wood, and turn it into a beautiful finished product!

The icons I have written have ranged from as big as 5 feet by 3 feet to as small as 5 inches by 3 inches.

If you are interested, contact me to see what icons are currently for sale. If you have a particular image you want, I accept commissions too!

Claire does her utmost to make each icon the best it can be. That means  each individual piece gets plenty of individual attention, and many hours of loving work and prayer.

Claire's Russian icons are no mere paper copy or cheap representation of an icon, but they are real examples of talent. They are handmade by Claire and only made from the best materials: real wood, muslin, rabbit hide glue, egg emulsion and earth pigments and dies. That means quality, and only that: quality and the satisfying knowledge of a well-done piece of artwork.

Claire’s Russian icons have great and rare beauty, with shining and glowing colors and unique representations that you won’t find every day. Not only that, they portray real emotion, real love and sorrow, real joy, so much so that you might find those emotions inspired in yourself as you look at them.

Russian icons have the unique ability to almost converse with those looking at them, to invite them to a deeper appreciation of Catholicism, and a deeper involvement in the Catholic faith. are no exception. They can rightly be called ‘windows to heaven’ as it is said. They are meant to be not only beautiful, but also to bring a person 'deeper'.  They invite us to come “Further up, come further in,” as C.S. Lewis says in his book The Last Battle.

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